Andikira has the feel of a small, modern provincial town and fulfills most of the needs of its visitors. Its natural landscape and archaeological wealth, the fishing boats along the promenade and the seagulls flying over the sea, as well as the serenity of the local people, maintain the character of an idyllic coastal resort.

The convenient location at the Gulf of Corinth and its friendly atmosphere make Andikira a pleasant destination for a short trip, mainly for Greek people, throughout the year. Even sailors crossing the Corinthian Gulf are attracted by the village and often interrupt their course by taking a short break to visit. Or, in the event of stormy weather, they find shelter in Andikira’s enclosed bay. For lovers of nature and history, it is an ideal starting point for many activities of almost every interest.

Small coves in the town and surrounding areas, as well as the popular pebble beach, "Agios Isidoros," awarded with the blue flag, add to its value and make Andikira an excellent holiday resort for the summer season.


Enrich your day with excursions:
(km = distance from the hotel)


- Andikira (300 m.)
- Agios Isidiros, awarded with the blue flag (1,5 km.)
- Aspra Spitia (2 km.)
- Waltus/Potamous (5 km.)
- Kutru bay (2,5 km.)

Sightseeing, Nature and Tradition

- Amfissa (45 km.)
- Arachova (30 km.)
- Davlia (25 km.)
- Delphi (40 km.)
- Desfina (15 km.)

- Distomo (12 km.)
- Thiva (70km.)
- Kiriaki (30 km.)
- Mt Parnassus (45 km.)
- Stiri (17 km.)
- Cheronia (35 km.)

Monasteries and chapels

- Prophet Elias (5 km.) panoramic view of Antikyra
- Monastery Ousios Loukas (25 km.)
- Monastery of the Virgin Maria Jerusalem (25 km.)

...and much more, that you can discover.



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